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We have already released the first test version in order to test it against the real needs of modern training.

Collaborate, propose, test... be part of a movement aimed at changing the way we teach and learn.

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Are you a developer and want to test the platform?

Access our Github and check all the available documentation, so you can run our platform in your local development environment.

If you find any bug, or want to suggest improvements, feel free to report an issue or make a pull request.

Are you a developer and want to test the platform?

Key questions

What can I expect from this beta?

A controlled testing real environment to validate if Leemons is for you and your educational institution.

Can I run real-world with this release across my entire school?

We do not advise it, but we are releasing our versions on a weekly basis. We will let you know when we consider the product stable.

If I really like it (we know you will ;-), how long do I have to wait?

According to our roadmap, we will have a 100% stable version in October 2022.

What if I need help?

Leemons will run an implementation team in September to provide this service to those who need it.

But I depend on you for anything?

Nope, Leemons is open source, you can customize it to your liking, work with your developers and be free to make Leemons what your center needs.

Key questions
The revolutionaries

We want to get first-hand information, assess the impact of our tool on the quality and results of training in schools and educational centers that have signed up for the testing program.

We will be testing Leemons with real students starting in October.

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