Leemons was born in June 2021 to a team of seven people ready to disrupt the world of open source educational tools.

Thanks to our first investors, we will release the Minimum Viable Product in October to open our second round of funding.

We have already achieved our first goal: we have launched Leemons in public beta in June 2022, do you want to know more?

Looking for a winning investment opportunity?

A bit of history...

March 2020

The COVID crisis unfolds

At Diga33! (Leemons' parent company), demand for new projects drops. As parents, we began to experience the problems of impromptu remote education. We decided to investigate it: how well are educational needs being met during the pandemic?

This is the early start of Leemons.

December 2020

Defining Leemons

After a series of surveys with parents, teachers and students, a competitive study in which we analyzed the educational software market, and many conversations with startups, we designed Leemons' business model and decided on the technology stack we wanted to work with.

January 2021

The Dream Team

We defined and recruited the people who will shape this challenge in the coming years.

Diga33! lended us their development team and we started programming the platform's core.

April 2021

MVP: Prioritization and cutdown

With the definition of functional requirements well advanced, we decided what MVP we wanted. We also registered the Leemons brand and started pitching for investors.

June 2021

We are entrepreneurs now!

We founded Leemons Edtech Solutions and attracted the first investors who made their contributions to start this project.

September 2021

End of first round

We launch our website (the one before your eyes) and close our first investment round of 300,000 Euro.

Enero 2022

But what is a Leemon?

With the definition of our product roadmap and the incorporation of new front-end and design resources, we reached full speed to develop all the plugins (Leemons) needed to achieve the milestones of our public Beta.

Jun 2022

Open Beta: the moment of truth

We are here

...and a roadmap

The market is talking
Edtech is one of the favorite sectors for investment this year.

Not only because of the COVID crisis, but also because a country can't grow if it can't give opportunities to citizens through education. In an industry that grew in the shadow of face-to-face classes, an inexcusable gap has become apparent: to this day, efforts to adapt the education industry to the digital era have yielded alarmingly poor results.

Schools and companies are now demanding better tools to digitalize their educational processes.

The market is talking
We are here to respond to these needs and earn a place at the forefront of innovation
We are here to respond to these needs and earn a place at the forefront of innovation
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