Enjoy programming for the most complex and challenging educational projects

Tired of educational tools that don't meet the needs of education?, bored of rigid, old-fashioned, insecure, and inefficient stacks?

So are we! 

Leemons is made for you
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/* A javascript stack on the front and back end. Efficient, well-documented, and easily customizable. */

5× more Open Source

open to
your needs
open to|your needs

Develop quickly by using templates. Easily customize the front end with high-level skins.

open to
open to|content

A system ready to adapt to any kind of educational content makes us the most flexible platform ever imagined.

open to
the community
open to|the community

Create your own extensions, plug them in, and make money selling them on our marketplace.

open to
third parties
open to|third parties

With a modular architecture, each plugin has an API interface that provides unlimited communication possibilities.

open to
your imagination
open to|your imagination

Connect, extend, customize... grow your project with dozens of certified plugins.

It's free, forever
With unlimited core functionalities

Complex management of roles, permissions and users; management of multiple educational centers on a single platform; multi-language and multi-region; cross content libraries; with a powerful open design system to control your frontend without extra effort... what else can you ask for?

And 28 free plugins

For teachers, centers and corporations to develop their training programs with total freedom under their own training methodology, whatever it is; creating multimodal contents for a better achievement of objectives; reusing learning units to optimize teachers' time; collecting valuable information for personalized, data-driven teaching… and much, much more.

The template revolution

Transfer your own database structures to any of the features. Download your JSON, CVS, XML or Excel template, and make painless bulk uploads.

Download in one click the educational programs, curricula and subject plans of your region, and save an incredible amount of time in setting up the platform.

Give Leemons
a chance
Open beta now available

In October 2022 we will select 15 candidates (schools, universities, companies) to conduct tests with one of their educational programs and a small group of students. At no cost for the schools.

Do you want to experience first-hand the revolution of educational platforms?

Leemons - A powerful, friendly and free Learning Experience Platform | Product Hunt